3 Healthcare Jobs That Don’t Require You to Wear Scrubs

Written by Madison School of Healthcare On Thursday, 08 March 2018. Posted in Healthcare Insights, Nursing

3 Healthcare Jobs That Don’t Require You to Wear Scrubs

In case you hadn’t heard, healthcare as an industry is booming. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects healthcare will add more jobs between now and 2026 than any other occupational group. Healthcare jobs tend to be stable and pay well, too, because demand for professionals currently outstrips the supply of workers.

But maybe you faint at the sight of blood. Or don’t want to provide direct patient care, like a nurse or nursing assistant does. Well, good news: healthcare offers tons of non-clinical jobs that don’t require you to wear scrubs! And you don’t have to hold an advanced degree to land these jobs, either.

Check out these three rewarding healthcare jobs that don’t require you to touch anything icky.

Healthcare Administrator

If you dream of a job that puts you close to the action of an emergency room or surgical suite but still allows you to retreat to an office when necessary, becoming an administrator may fit the bill. While you handle the details of checking patients in to the ER or managing patient flow through the OR, you’ll work with clinical staff to ensure correct procedures are followed and troubleshoot any administrative issues that arise. As you progress up the career ladder, you can move into high-paying positions in which you manage the operations of entire hospital departments, private physician practices, retirement communities, and other healthcare-related organizations. Best of all, you can begin your career with a Healthcare Administration Associate Degree earned entirely online, at your own pace!

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Medical Billing & Coding

If you’re detail oriented, healthcare systems might compete for your services as a medical billing specialist because demand is rising for skilled medical coders. And all you need to get started is a medical billing and coding certificate, which you can earn online in as little as four months! As a medical billing technician (aka, health information technician), you’ll be responsible for ensuring the accuracy, quality, and security of patient billing records. In this position, you’ll work behind the scenes in a comfortable office setting within a hospital, health system, or similar type of organization. Medical billing and coding makes a great healthcare career for introverts, since you’ll probably spend much of your time working privately, in your own space.

Certified Pharmacy Technician

Maybe you think you’d like a healthcare job that allows you to wear a white coat but doesn’t require you to deal with seriously ill or injured patients. If that’s the case, then becoming a certified pharmacy tech might be right for you. These skilled professionals assist registered pharmacists to dispense medications. Some pharmacy techs work directly with patients in retail pharmacies, but others may work inside a hospital to help dispense vital and unusual medications to doctors and nurses treating in-patients. Demand for pharmacy technicians is rising, which means pharmacies may compete for your talents after graduation.

These aren’t the only non-clinical healthcare jobs that might interest you! Talk to an admissions advisor today to learn more about Electronic Health Records certification and Sterile Processing Technician, too!

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