BSN Students: 6 GIFs That Answer Your Questions About Nurse Manager Jobs

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BSN Students: Nurse Manager FAQ

So you’re exploring your career options. You’ve watched your own nurse manager in action and thought, “I can do that.” You know to get started you’ll need to go back to school. Maybe you’ve even started looking at BSN online programs. But you have questions. What’s a typical day like? What kind of skills do I need? How much will my raise be? Lucky for you, we’re here with some answers.

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What is a Nurse Manager?

A nurse manager is many things: supervisor, coach, advocate, administrator. Basically, a nurse manager is the one making sure his or her team provides the best possible patient care. If you’re looking at nurse manager positions online, remember the job may also go by head nurse (but that’s a little old-fashioned) and nurse director. But no matter the name, the person in this role is the one who leads the way.

What Do Nurse Managers Do?

Nurse managers are the calm eye in a hurricane. They’re the glue that holds everything together. Obviously, management is a big part of the job, hence the title nurse manager. From overseeing the team, including giving performance reviews, to helping people navigate day to day challenges, supporting professional practice, and making sure teams collaborate, a nurse manager juggles many responsibilities. Those management responsibilities also extend to work done in the background. Advocating for patients and their families, making sure organizational goals are being met, collaborating with doctors, and managing a budget are all part of a nurse manager’s daily duties.

What Kind of Skills Do Nurse Managers Need?

Can you motivate and inspire others? Are you good at conflict management? Are you excellent in identifying and deploying resources? These are just some of the skills you’ll need as a nurse manager. In addition to those skills, you’ll need sophisticated critical thinking skills, great emotional intelligence, empathy, compassion, project management skills, and understand budget creation and management.

How Do I Become a Nurse Manager?

Now that you know what skills are needed, here’s what else you’ll need. You will likely need a bachelor's degree, though some employers may require a master's. The latest information available says one in three nurses have only their associate degree. If that's you, you might consider starting an RN to BSN online program, which will give you the credentials needed for you to be considered for a nurse manager position.

How Much Do Nurse Managers Make?

Several factors impact salary. It depends on what type of facility you'll be working in, your geographic region, and your experience, to name a few. The median salary of all nurse managers is $83,000 per year, according to, with the low end of pay being around $60,000 and the high end $115,000.

Is the Outlook for Nurse Managers Good?

Without a doubt, nurse managers are in demand. Like everyone in healthcare, nurse managers are getting a boost from an aging baby boomer generation. That population needs more care givers, which means a greater need for people to manage and lead those teams. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that there will be 17 percent more health services managers employed by 2024.

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