Five Life Hacks Every Nurse Should Know

Written by Madison School of Healthcare On Tuesday, 12 April 2016. Posted in Nursing

Five Life Hacks Every Nurse Should Know

On your best day as a nurse, life is hectic; on your worst day, surviving it feels practically impossible. In an occupation where efficiency is key, any way that you can (responsibly) save time or effort is priceless. Here are five life hacks to make your job a little bit easier.

1. Avoid Stinky Situations

Nurses put up with a lot, but sometimes a job is just too smelly to go in unprotected. The next time you’re handling a stinky task, apply Vicks vapor rub, toothpaste, or another mentholated scent between two medical masks to help block out nauseating odors.

2. Make Gowns Slip-Proof

In situations where you have to gown up, put your gown on first and create thumb holes at the end of the sleeve by pushing your thumbs through the material near the elastic. Then, put on your gloves. Doing so makes sure that the sleeves won’t ride up, and your wrists stay clean.

3. Fight Pesky Stains

The next time you get a stain on your scrubs, try using hydrogen peroxide to remove it. Not only can it fight set-in stains as a pre-wash treatment, it also can be applied directly to fresh stains to help remove them instantly.

4. Keep Your Stethoscope Clean

Want a quick and easy way to make sure your stethoscope is clean when tending to ill patients? Put a rubber glove over the diaphragm before each use. This will keep the stethoscope clean without muffling any sounds.

5. Stay Hydrated

When you’re busy all day (or night), it can be hard to remember even the simplest things, like drinking enough water. If your facility allows it, keep a bottle of water at your station and take a drink every time you sit down to chart. Associating the task of drinking water with a job duty that you have to do regularly will help you remember to hydrate throughout your shift.

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