Getting Guidance: Three Ways Your Advisor Can Help You Succeed

Written by Madison School of Healthcare On Friday, 26 February 2016. Posted in Nursing

Getting Guidance: Three Ways Your Advisor Can Help You Succeed

In life, everyone needs a little guidance. From family members and close friends, to Yelp! reviews and Netflix movie ratings, it’s comforting – and often necessary – to get insight from others when making decisions and dealing with problems. That’s exactly what advisors do for our nursing students.

If you're thinking about heading back to school to earn your RN to BSN degree, here are three times to seek support from your advisor to not just make the grade, but thrive as a student and a professional.

  1. When you have questions about your classes – Going back to school can be a big adjustment for anyone. From managing coursework and keeping up with studying, to working through concepts you're having trouble grasping, it's nice to have somewhere to turn (besides Google). Your advisor can give you the one-on-one attention you need to make it through the rough patches.

  2. When you have questions about your career – Advisors are especially equipped to guide you because they're in the profession too. As someone who knows what it's like to be a nurse, your advisor can give you advice and honest feedback as you make decisions about where you'd like your career to take you. And, if you build a strong relationship with your advisor, he or she can also serve as a powerful connection as you build out your professional network.

  3. When you have questions about how to keep doing it all – Your advisor has "been there" in the nursing field, so he or she understands what you are going through like no one else can. Even the strongest, smartest, most driven individuals will experience moments of stress, anxiety and the feeling of defeat when they are working toward a goal. When you're wondering how you can balance everything in your life, your advisor is there to listen and help you come up with a solution that works.

No matter when you reach out to your advisor, the most important thing to remember is you don't have to go it alone! These are just a few examples of times your advisor can help, but there are many more. Advisors are available to help you create a strong support system, make it easier to achieve your goals and put more possibilities within your reach. So, whether you have a question or simply need someone to listen – just reach out, your advisor will be there to help you succeed!

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