Healthcare Graduate's Advice: 'Be Determined and You Will Succeed'

Written by Madison School of Healthcare On Saturday, 10 December 2016. Posted in Academic Advice

Healthcare Graduate's Advice: 'Be Determined and You Will Succeed'

Corazon Joaquin worked for nearly a decade as a caretaker before deciding she wanted to make a career change. She enjoyed her job — particularly because it allowed her to work closely with people and provide help to clients who needed care — but she was ready to make a move and try something new.

Through her interactions with doctors and health professionals in her existing job, Corazon became interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare industry. She wanted something that would incorporate the aspects of her job that she enjoyed, while allowing her to take on new challenges and give her room for "more professional growth."

After much deliberation, she decided to pursue a career as a medical office assistant.

Only one challenge stood in Corazon's way — while she wanted to go back to school to get the training she needed, she still had to work full time and manage other life responsibilities. Corazon found the flexibility she needed through Madison School of Healthcare. The school's online medical office assistant program allowed her to work at her own pace and on her own schedule to fit time for coursework into her already busy life.

"My favorite thing doing an online program was that you get to study on your own time," she said. "There is no pressure from other people to get things done; it's all on you."

But even with an online program, keeping up with coursework while working a full-time job is not always easy. Still, Corazon's dedication to time management ultimately contributed to her academic success.

"It taught me how to work independently," she said.

Corazon completed her program and attended Ashworth College's 2016 graduation ceremony to celebrate her accomplishments along with her fellow graduates. She has since went on to successfully earn her certification through the National Healthcareer Association, which will allow her to take the next step toward starting her career as a medical office assistant.

When asked if she had advice for others considering going back to school for a healthcare degree, she said it all comes back to time management.

"If you want to go back to school, be determined, know how to manage your time, and devote time to studying," she said.

And, she added, it's vitally important to not let any discouragement get in the way.

"Just continue," she said. "Look ahead. Be determined, and you will succeed if you want to pursue your dreams."

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