Nursing and Healthcare Career Advancement: Employer Q&A Video Series Episode 2

On Thursday, 02 November 2017. Posted in Nursing

Nursing and Healthcare Career Advancement: Employer Q&A Video Series Episode 2

For nurses, career stability and acceleration increasingly depend on earning a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. Plus, according to a report from the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University, RNs with bachelor's degrees make more money on average than RNs with associate degrees. These trends are encouraging many nurses to enroll in RN-BSN programs. That's why in the latest episode of the Employer Q&A video series we're focusing on nursing careers.

We sat down with two healthcare professionals from Bath Community Hospital: the Executive Director of Human Resources Cara Major, and RN/current Madison School of Healthcare student Vickie Wood. Cara and Vickie shared their thoughts on the importance for nurses to further their education, what employers are looking for today and other advice for nurses seeking career advancement.

Below is a preview of the conversation with our experts from Bath Community Hospital. Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

Question: How do employers value having a Bachelor of Science in Nursing when they hire or promote nurses?

Cara Major: The trend definitely seems to be going towards organizations advocating for bachelor's-prepared nurses. Some organizations focus on it more intensely than others. Some will require their nurses to either have a BSN or be on a track to finish their BSN within a certain period of time. In the future I think we're going to see having a BSN as a requirement.

Question: How does your pursuit of a BSN through the Madison School of Healthcare's online program help you advance your career?

Vickie Wood: I think enrolling in the RN-BSN program has definitely created new and different paths for me. With a BSN, it opens up so many more doors for me and expands the opportunities I can go after down the line. I know I'll have better job security and more choices in what I can do in the future once I earn my BSN.

Question: What role did stability and career opportunity play into your decision to enter the nursing field?

Vickie: It definitely did. There is a great stability, but you do have the flexibility so you can decide what career path you want in nursing. It's not just bedside nursing that you have to choose from.

Question: What are three traits or skills you value most in healthcare professionals?

Cara: Communication, interpersonal skills, and flexibility.

Want to hear what else Cara and Vickie shared? Go to the Ashworth College YouTube page for the full video.

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