Online Vet Tech Program Offers Assistance to Students Affected by Mount Ida College Closure

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Online Vet Tech Program Offers Assistance to Students Affected by Mount Ida College Closure

NEWTON, Mass. - A door closed for hundreds of Mount Ida College students recently when the Newton, Mass., school announced it would close at the end of its spring semester. The school is transitioning students into other schools as efficiently as possible but many programs are full, inconveniently located, or incompatible schedule-wise. Mount Ida vet tech students, in particular, face an additional roadblock as The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, which is acquiring the Mount Ida campus, offers no program for them to transfer into. To the rescue is The Madison School of Healthcare at Ashworth College, an online vet tech program that has opened its doors for all Mount Ida transfer students.

Upon hearing of the Mount Ida closing, Madison School of Healthcare at Ashworth College Director of Veterinary Technician Programs Margi Sirois, Ed.D., reached out to Mount Ida administrators and offered a simple transfer enrollment option to its stranded veterinary technician students.

Dr. Sirois, who oversees programming, faculty, and a student body of more than 2,000 vet tech students, understands the pressure displaced students are feeling due to their school’s closing. She is, however, confident that once the Mount Ida students transfer into the Madison School of Healthcare online vet tech program, they will quickly appreciate it as a game-changer for their educations.

“We have some of the best faculty in the country,” said Dr. Sirois. “Our instruction is rigorous and comprehensive. And because study is 100% self-paced, with no deadline pressures or class schedules to worry about, students can focus their attention on learning without distraction. It’s the optimal way to learn, really, but often online learning isn’t something students stop to consider.”

The Madison School of Healthcare at Ashworth College Associate of Science Degree in Veterinary Technology will accept transfer credits from the Mount Ida College program by exam. Interested students should contact the Ashworth College Admissions Department for a seamless transition.

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