Top 10 Podcasts That’ll Make RN to BSN Online Students Smarter

Written by Madison School of Healthcare On Tuesday, 06 February 2018. Posted in Healthcare Insights, Nursing

Top 10 Podcasts That’ll Make RN to BSN Online Students Smarter

In the last ten years podcasts have blown up. That’s great news for nursing students. Podcasts make it easier to stay on top of trends, get free advice, and learn new techniques that can advance your career. The portability of podcasts makes them the perfect way to punch up your commute, wind down at home at the end of the day, or even listen and learn while you grocery shop or work out. So if you’re an online RN to BSN program student looking to double down on your education or a working professional looking for a simple way to get ahead, here are 10 podcasts that—once you subscribe—will surely make you smarter.

  • Best Science Medicine Podcast – For when you want to cut through the BS (because ain’t nobody got time for that). James McCormack and Michael Allan tackle information about evidence-based drug therapy. They are quick to question assumptions and encourage listeners to do the same.

  • Correctional Nurse Today – For when you’re curious about the lives of correctional nurses. Whether you are a correctional nurse or simply want a peak into another nurse’s life, this podcast offers a compassionate look at the day-to-day of nurses who work in jails, prisons, and juvenile detention facilities.

  • The Natural Nurse and Dr. Z – For when you want a more holistic opinion. Dr. Ellen Kamhi, who is also a nurse, and Dr. Eugene Zampieron invite a wide range of guests on to their program to elaborate on evidenced based natural health choices.

  • The Nurse Keith Show – For when you’re after career satisfaction. Whether you are a new nurse or an experienced one, Keith Carlson (or Nurse Keith as he’s famously known) has career advice that will help you shape a satisfying career.

  • Nursing Notes Live – For when you want to stay on top of hot topics. Twice a month host Jamie Davis brings listeners exclusive interviews, panel discussions, and news segments covering trends in nursing that build on the Johnson & Johnson’s Nursing Notes newsletter.

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  • Nurse Talk – For when you’re ready to make your voice heard. Covering topics such as safe nurse to patient ratios, collective bargaining, workplace protections for nurses and healthcare workers, and environmental health and safety protections for all, hosts Casey Hobbs and Shayne Mason don’t hold back punches. Plus they do it all with plenty of wit, sass, and humor.

  • NRSNG Podcast – For when you’re looking for motivation during your RN to BSN program. While this podcast is aimed at nurses studying for their NCLEX, there are still valuable episodes for licensed RNs who are going back school. Jon Haws has great advice that can help nursing students at all levels succeed.

  • Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse: Exploring the World of Nursing – For when you want a little bit of everything. Veteran nurse Leanne Meier covers it all. From the impact of government policies and advice on quickly reading people to tips to grow your career, this is a podcast for all the well-rounded nurses out there.

  • The Project Nurse – For when you need some inspiration. Host Daniel Diaz focuses on how nurses can get more out of their lives. Through interviews with nurses, doctors, educators and technologists, this podcast will teach you how to achieve your dreams.

  • Your Next Shift – For when you want to level-up your career. This is a podcast that is equal parts practical strategies and inspiration. Elizabeth Scala and her guests share advice about mindset shifts to help nurses tap their true self and offer career techniques that amp up their careers.

If you’re already a Madison School of Healthcare RN to BSN student, podcasts like these will help you get more out of your education. Not enrolled? Let our academic advisors tell you more about how a BSN can help you advance your career. Contact us today.

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