RN-BSN Online Graduate Not “Shy” About Success

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RN-BSN Online Graduate Not “Shy” About Success

When we spoke to Shy Smoot about her recent graduation from the Madison School of Healthcare at Ashworth College online RN-BSN program, it just happened to be on her birthday. Shy had completed her studies a mere two weeks earlier and was eagerly awaiting the arrival of her diploma.

Q: What made you choose an online college for your BSN degree and, specifically, what made you select Ashworth College?

A: I work at an acute care hospital on a medical surgical floor so I was looking for something that fit my schedule, was convenient, and that would allow me to work full-time. I found Ashworth College right away and spoke with program director Cathy Greenberg. She helped me throughout the entire program and I felt very lucky to have found Ashworth. This is the only way I could have afforded to both work and complete my degree. Convenience is the main reason I came here.

Q: Did cost play a factor in your decision?

A: Absolutely. I researched and researched but in the end, Ashworth’s payment plan was amazing. I graduated with no student debt, which is pretty incredible.

Q: Did you have any concerns over attending an online school?

A: I graduated with my LPN in 2014 and my RN in 2016, both from a traditional school, so I was concerned about not having someone right there with me, like you would in a classroom. It ended up working really well though. I had more interaction with my Ashworth College instructors over the phone and email than I would have had sitting in a classroom. We had weekly calls and if I ever had questions, they always responded promptly.

Q: Favorite part of the program?

A: How the assignments are set up. Everything was unlocked so you could work ahead. I never had to wonder if I was doing the right thing. The whole program was just extremely user friendly and I was able to stay one assignment ahead.

Q: What did your study schedule look like?

A: I work a 40-hour week over three days, so if I wasn’t working, I was studying. I completed the program in just over 14 months.

Q: Now that you have your BSN, what are your future plans?

A: My ultimate goal is to own and run a nursing home so my next step is to earn my Master’s in Health Care Administration.

Q: What advice do you have for people considering online school who may be shy about pulling the trigger?

A: Be open to it! At least have a phone conversation. That’s what I did and all my concerns were addressed. I’ve actually encouraged several of my colleagues to apply to the BSN program at Ashworth College—that’s how good my experience here has been.

Q: Great! Anything else?

A (laughing): Well, I live in Arkansas and the small town where I live just got its first stoplight. So between that, my birthday, and earning my BSN online, it’s been a banner month.

We agree Shy! And everyone here is proud of you and your accomplishments.

Interested in online school? Take Shy’s advice and call to speak to our Admissions Advisors with any questions you may have. 1-800-957-5412.

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