RN to BSN Completion Program – Today’s the Day

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RN to BSN Completion Program – Today’s the Day

Take your nursing career to the next level by starting an online RN to BSN completion program today. This degree will never be more affordable, and you might be surprised at how hassle-free our program really is. While other online nursing schools require you to adhere to a strict academic calendar, our program lets you start whenever you want, study at your own pace, and even take tests when it suits you! Why wait? Go forward in your nursing career by earning your BSN degree now.

Four compelling reasons to earn your BSN today

In previous blog posts we’ve covered several great reasons why it makes sense for associate degree or diploma nurses to pursue the BSN degree. To recap:

  1. It’s probably going to become mandatory. When New York state passed the BSN-in-10 law, many nursing educators saw it as predictor of things to come. Nurse leaders expect the BSN to become mandatory nationwide. Instead of waiting until you’re forced to go back to school, it makes sense to get the jump on this new standard right away, when you complete the program at your own pace instead of sweating it out under deadline pressure.
  2. It makes you a better nurse – really! Studies show BSN-prepared nurses provide better care, including reduced incidences of decubs and DVTs. And that holds true even for nurses who had years of experience before earning their BSN.
  3. You’ll probably make more money. Even if you don’t intend to advance into a nurse manager role, you’ll likely earn more after you get your BSN. Salary surveys show that RNs who hold a BSN degree make more money than their ADN peers with the same amount of experience.
  4. You set yourself up to achieve bigger goals. One of the great things about nursing is the variety of opportunities available to you. Maybe you want to become a CNO eventually. Or perhaps you’re aiming to be a nurse-midwife – or family nurse practitioner. All of those roles require an advanced degree, and you can’t start a master’s program without getting a BSN first.

How to choose an online RN to BSN completion program

OK, so, you’re convinced. You feel motivated to pursue a BSN degree, but then you think about the giant hassle of nursing school. How can you cram classes, papers, tests, group projects, and everything else into your already impossibly busy schedule?

The answer is simple: an online RN to BSN completion program. But be aware not all such programs are created equal. When comparing your options, look for:

  • Total schedule flexibility. Choose a program that allows you to start anytime you want, take classes at your own pace, and even sit for exams when it’s convenient for you. This way, you can study when it suits you – whether that’s 5:00 a.m. or midnight.
  • Accreditation. It’s crucial you pick a BSN program that’s accredited by CCNE (Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education). Why? Among other reasons, because you may not be able to transfer credits from a non-accredited program should you decide to pursue a master’s degree. And if you’re getting your BSN degree online, you should also make sure the program is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission.
  • High-quality program. Choose a program that provides you with a personal advisor who’s also a seasoned RN. Evaluate the quality of the curriculum and the faculty: what credentials do faculty members hold, and how much real-world experience do they have in healthcare or academics?
  • Affordability. It’s never a mistake to invest in your education, but let’s be realistic. Earning a degree can be expensive, so you want to make sure you pick a program that gives you the most bang for your buck. The Ashworth College online RN to BSN completion program is among the most affordable options available. Plus, our tuition includes what you need to complete the program: study materials, textbooks, learning center, library access, online community, one-on-one support – and much more!

(By the way, that comment about “group projects”? Forget it! Our program doesn’t require you to do any of those!)

Get started today on your BSN

Grab this opportunity to go forward in life by earning your BSN degree. Talk to an admissions advisor today!

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