Student Stories: Stacey Williams

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Student Stories: Stacey Williams

Stacey Williams is a wife, a mother, a certified medical assistant (CMA), and a current student at Ashworth College’s Madison School of Healthcare. She currently lives in Oregon with her family, and is working to complete her bachelor’s of science in Healthcare Management, after earning her associates in Healthcare Administration. Her ultimate goal is to further her career in the field and become a healthcare office manager.

What sparked your interest in your Healthcare Administration and Healthcare Management? What made you choose Ashworth College?

I love being a CMA, and I want to expand my career and become a healthcare office manager. I started looking for online programs, and liked that Ashworth College’s payment plan made [going back to school] affordable.

What hesitations did you have about enrolling in the program? How did you get over them?

I was worried about going back to school while balancing family and work. I decided to just go for it. What is the worst that can come from furthering your education?

What have you learned in your degree program that surprised you?

I’ve learned about time management. It’s made me better at scheduling time for work, school and family.

What obstacles or challenges have you encountered while in school?

I moved from Michigan to Oregon with my family after starting my coursework, and our trailer broke down in South Dakota. We stayed there for two months, but I was able to continue working on my degree because it was online. There were moments of motivation loss, but I just reminded myself that not everyone gets such an opportunity.

Who in your life helped you the most as you’ve gone through school?

My husband has helped a lot. He takes care of our daughter while I study and helps me create time for coursework and exams.

What are your plans for when you complete your bachelor’s degree?

I want to get my master’s, but I might also look into forwarding my career while I continue school.

Do you have any advice for someone interested in this field?

Keep at it, and be proud — pride is a great motivator. Study hard now so you can reap the rewards later. Additionally, get a really good support system — your people will keep you motivated!

What do you like to do outside of work and school?

I like to watch movies and TV shows. I spend time with my family “playing tourist” on the Oregon coast. We like to go to the beach. I also enjoy doing art projects.

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