Ten Jokes All Nurses Will Understand

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Ten Jokes All Nurses Will Understand

Whether on the job or talking about the job, nurses share a special connection with each other. After all, the profession can be exhausting, frustrating, and sometimes, down-right messy. One of the easiest way to survive the roller coaster of emotions you experience during a 10-hour shift is to bond with your coworkers through laughter.

Here Are Ten Jokes All Nurses Will Understand

  1. A new nurse was nervous about giving vaccinations but gave it her best shot.

    Remember, resilience is an important trait for nurses to have.

  2. What do you call two ITU nurses holding hands? A synapse.

    Now that's unity.

  3. A boy was rushed to surgery after swallowing ten quarters. After half an hour, a nurse came by and was asked how the boy was doing. The other nurse said, "There's no change yet."

    Please, don't try shaking him upside down like a piggy bank.

  4. Transplant nurses hate rejection.

    Accept me for who I am and what I bring to you.

  5. I was in the hospital visiting my wife after her operation when the nurse suggested it might help if I adjusted my wife's pillows to make it more comfortable. She wasn't wrong. Taking my wife's two pillows and putting them on my chair was a lot more comfortable.

    Hospital visitors can be ruthless sometimes...

  6. The nurse's prescription: 8 oz ETOH q4h PRN

    Please hydrate responsibly during off hours.

  7. When a hospital runs out of maternity nurses, do they have a mid-wife crisis?

    Remember, this problem can't be solved by buying a sports car.

  8. If you're becoming a nurse but need to use the restroom often... Urine trouble.

    Being a nurse is hard enough. Plan accordingly.

  9. Nursing: Your Blood, My Sweat, Our Tears

    It's true. We're all in this together.

  10. See ya, wouldn't want tibia

    Orthopedic nurses may or may not find this to be humerus.

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