Top Healthcare Management Jobs that Only Require a Bachelor’s Degree

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Top Healthcare Management Jobs that Only Require a Bachelor’s Degree

Many people think the most lucrative jobs in healthcare require an advanced degree or a health-related degree, like physician or nurse. So it might surprise you to learn a bachelor’s degree in healthcare management may be all you need to land a job that pays six figures or more. Even better, you can work in the field to gain valuable experience while you complete your degree online – at your own pace.

The affordable Madison School of Healthcare bachelor of healthcare management online program offers everything you need to find success as a student: textbooks, study materials, library, academic advisement, personalized career guidance – and much more. You can start any time you want, study when you want, even take exams on your own schedule. During the program you’ll study fundamantal subjects like:

  • Medical Sociology
  • Healthcare Delivery Systems
  • Managed Healthcare
  • Medical Laws and Ethics

These and the other courses in the curriculum will provide you with the foundation you need to pursue one these top jobs that only require a bachelor’s degree yet pay a median salary of $98,000 per year.

  1. Emergency Department Manager
    As an emergency department manager, you will develop relevant procedures and policies, work with Human Resources regarding staffing and recruitment, liaise with physicians and other clinicians, and perform many other administrative functions. And here’s a tip: your healthcare management degree will prepare you to oversee the operations of any hospital department. Interested in women’s health? Your degree will equip you to manage the mother-baby unit. Interested in sports medicine? Use your degree to hunt a job managing an orthopedics department at a university medical center. The possibilities are almost limitless.

  2. Physician Practice Manager
    Physicians graduate with medical degrees, not business administration diplomas. So it follows that behind every successful medical practice is an ace practice manager calling the business shots. As the practice manager of a single-physician office or a larger medical group, you will oversee all aspects of operational administration, from hiring personnel to developing patient satisfaction initiatives to reviewing the billing and coding for accuracy to ensuring all relevant laws and protocols are followed. You will work closely with the practice physicians to achieve financial and operational success. Medicine not your thing? You can use your healthcare management degree to land a job supervising a dental practice, veterinary clinic, physical therapy business or any other health-related venture.

  3. Operations Manager
    Many non-clinical organizations need managers with a bachelors degree in healthcare management. In this position, you may work for a supply chain vendor, a pharmaceuticals corporation, a medical technology company or some other healthcare-adjacent business. As an operations manager, you may oversee one department or many. You will contribute to the strategic direction of the company, plan and implement procedures to improve the efficiency of your unit, develop and manage budgets – and much, much more.

  4. Regional Director of Operations
    With your bachelor of healthcare management and a few years of experience (which you can obtain while completing your degree), you can advance up the ladder to oversee multiple business units. A regional director for an organization like a home health company, dialysis provider, or donor network might travel frequently to sites throughout one or more states, ensure regulatory compliance, troubleshoot administrative issues, provide staff training, or work on business development.

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