Want a Healthcare Career? Take Some Advice from These Grads

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Want a Healthcare Career? Take Some Advice from These Grads

If you are thinking about enrolling in an online healthcare degree program, you might have a few questions, from “how will I balance school with work and my personal life?” to “how can I set myself up for success?”

Sometimes the best source for good advice is a person who has already done what you’d like to accomplish. We asked recent graduates to share how they fit school into their busy schedules, stayed motivated, and completed their programs to launch new careers in healthcare.

“There’s always help if you ask for it.”

“It helps if you make a schedule to balance everything. Don’t get discouraged if you fall behind. There’s always help if you ask for it. Give your advisor a call, and they will help work out a perfect plan for you.”

Erica Booker, Medical Transcription professional certification program

“Be determined.”

“If you want to go back to school, be determined, know how to manage your time, and devote time to studying. My favorite thing doing an online program was that you get to study on your own time. There is no pressure from other people to get things done; it’s all on you.”

Corazon Joaquin, Medical Office Assistant professional certification program

“Learning is a constant experience.”

“My advice is to just go for it. Learning is a constant experience. The more experience you get, the further you can go. Leaving work and then immediately starting your coursework can be hard. At one point, I came to a place where I said, ‘I can’t do it.’ My husband said, ‘What? Go back to work!’ he was a strong support.”

Kathleen Gallimore, Medical Billing and Coding professional certification program

“Don’t give up.”

I was a stay-at-home mom when I enrolled. I was able to study during nap time and at night. Because the program is self-paced, I was able to give myself breaks when I needed it. My advice is to stick to it, push yourself and don’t give up.”

Kiyon Carlock, Medical Office Assistant professional certification program

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