What Healthcare Career is Right for You? Answers for the "People Person."

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What Healthcare Career is Right for You?

You're motivated to help others. Your top strengths include great communication skills, a positive attitude and strong attention to detail. In short, you're a "people person". If all of that is true for you, using your interpersonal talents in a healthcare career could be a great fit. But, what healthcare career is best for you? Finding out takes knowing your options – lucky for you there are many to consider!

Dental Office Assistant

If you want to be a friendly face for patients who might be nervous, being a dental office assistant can offer you the chance. Dental office assistants fulfill a vital role, welcoming patients and helping them get comfortable, and helping dentists work more efficiently by performing administrative, technical and treatment duties.

Home Health Aide

People like you who love supporting others are often drawn to careers where they can serve those who need the most help. Home health aides do this by working with the elderly or people with disabilities, chronic illness or cognitive impairment to maintain their quality of life and independence at home.

Healthcare Management

Have you ever imagined putting your abilities to easily connect with people to use as a leader? Healthcare managers use their people person skills to lead teams and supervise activities of multiple departments. Their roles call for a high amount of problem solving, communication, collaboration and personnel development.

Medical Office Assistant

You probably find it easy to talk to anyone no matter their age, background, profession or other life details. Medical office assistants put this skill to use to help ensure patients have positive experiences. Being able to effectively communicate with patients, physicians and other medical colleagues alike is essential to medical office assistant duties such as assisting with patient medical records, clinical procedures, insurance coverage and appointment scheduling.

Nurse and Nurse Manager

You love people, and that likely means you love caring for them. If that’s true, nursing could be a good option to consider. Nurses lead patient care, observing and monitoring patient conditions, managing patient questions and communicating with doctors and other hospital or clinic staff. Great people skills are also needed as nurses advance to other roles like nurse managers, since these positions involve supervisory responsibilities. In addition to relying on their established skills and experience, becoming a nurse manager may also require additional education, which for many nurses means enrolling in an RN-BSN program.

Occupational Therapy Aide

Do you thrive on encouraging and motivating people? An occupational therapy aide helps patients recover, re-learn and improve the skills necessary for their daily lives. Providing encouragement and forming relationships with patients is a common plus for people person healthcare professionals in this role.

Pharmacy Technician

You might not think of a job like pharmacy technician as a people person job. But, pharm techshave to answer questions about prescriptions and over the counter medications, take payments and work with other healthcare professionals and customers, making good communications skills important.

Physical Therapy Aide

If you’ve ever helped someone reach their goal, you know how satisfying it can be to use your talents to motivate others. Physical Therapy aides do just that. They help patients with their treatment and exercises to minimize pain and improve range of motion and keep patients motivated through recovery from injuries and illnesses.

Social Services Assistant

As a people person, you may be looking for a career that helps people going through a difficult time. Social services assistants provide support to individuals or families in fields such as substance abuse, psychology or social work. These professionals help their colleagues with administrative duties and may help clients find community services or benefits.

Veterinary Technician

Are you an animal person as well as a people person? Veterinary technicians help provide the best outcomes possible for their animal patients. People-person skills are just as important in animal care because vet techs work side-by-side with other healthcare professionals (in this case, veterinarians) and often communicate with pet owners.

Making a Decision

Choosing a career takes knowing what you want. Now that you know more about different healthcare careers, think about educational requirements for each, whether you want a 9-5 job or something with non-traditional hours, the work environment you like best, income and career growth potential as well as how closely you want to work with patients and their families. No matter what you choose you’ll be able to put your natural people person talents to work in healthcare!

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