Helping Families Say Goodbye

By: Carol, nurse for 50 years

Saying Good-Bye

One of the saddest days I experienced during my career as a nurse was sitting with a family as a home care nurse during the last hours of mama’s life. I tried to be honest with them about what was happening while providing support for expressing feelings and allowing tears and anger. 

The happiest memories from my time as a nurse was helping with delivering babies and watching the reactions of moms and dads greet their new “kids”. There is nothing more joyful than witnessing a child be born, and nothing more devastating than when a delivery goes wrong.

To be a nurse, it takes so much more than caring about others and wanting to help. It takes an education of science, math, liberal arts, commitment to hard work and being the manager of care and coordinator of multiple team members. A collection of complex knowledge and skill. Meanwhile, most nurses also serve as wives, mothers, fathers and managers of their families at the same time.

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