Dental Office Assistant Training Online

Dental Office Assistants fulfill a vital role, working closely with dentists and performing administrative, technical and treatment duties, helping dentists work more efficiently. With Madison’s online dental office assistant training, you’ll learn how to handle the day-to-day tasks that are vital to managing a successful dental office.

Our curriculum was developed by practicing professionals in the dental field, combining theoretical knowledge and real-world skills to help our graduates get a head start towards a successful career. In addition to comprehensive online courses, a textbook and study guides, you also have access to academic support whenever you need it by phone, email or online. Our online Dental Office Assistant training is convenient and flexible – you can work and study at your own pace. There are no prerequisites to enroll. You can begin your training at any time and earn your diploma in as little as 4 months.


Lesson Group 1: Orientation: Ashworth College Career Program

Learning at Ashworth

The goals and values of Ashworth College; time management; creating a realistic weekly and monthly study schedule; the nature and purpose of assessments; how to study effectively to prepare for and take an online examination; developing the skill sets necessary for success in the twenty-first century.

Lesson: Allied Health Careers

Introduction to the basic operations of allied health careers and the legal and ethical issues you may encounter while working in the many different venues available for these fields.

Lesson Group 2: Dental Office Introduction

A Day in the Life of a Dental Administrative Assistant

Dental assistant characteristics; dental staff; dental specialties; front office and back office duties; scheduling procedures; patient confidentiality.

Safety in the Dental Office

Infection process cycle; universal and standard precautions; dental office assistant’s role in safety; reducing chance of disease transmission; dental facility safety hazards and prevention; sanitization, disinfection, and sterilization.


Program Details

Our Dental Office Assistant training program is designed to provide the student the knowledge and skills required for entry–level work performing the administrative functions of a dental office assistant. The program focuses on the development of both technical and professional proficiency. It will prepare students to execute the necessary activities that are performed daily, weekly, and monthly in running a successful dental office. The intent of this program is to develop the comprehension students need to be prepared for the activities that occur every day within a dental office.

Your Dental Office Assistant Training Course Includes:

  • Customized textbook and study guides
  • Instructional and tutorial support from our experienced faculty
  • Membership in Madison’s online student community
  • Interactive student portal that can be accessed anytime and anywhere from your phone, tablet, or computer

It was a great experience for me. The instructors went over everything that you didn’t know with you - and they were always there when you needed them.

— Shirley Ann Griffin, Recent Graduate


Our Dental Office Assistant training course tuition is affordable, with convenient payment options to fit your budget. Everything you need to succeed is included so you can graduate and focus on your career goals.

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Career Outlook

Dental office assistant careers are perfect for people who enjoy helping others and desire stable employment in a growing field. Dental practices are busy places, and dentists appreciate assistants who are trained in the essential clerical and administrative tasks that are needed to keep the practice running smoothly. Job opportunities in healthcare are steadily increasing, and dental office assistant careers are no exception. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates a 23% increase in medical assistant jobs by 2024. That's an increase of 138,900 jobs. The skills you learn in our dental office assistant training assist you in becoming a more marketable candidate in this growing field.

The U.S. Dept. of Labor estimates an 23% growth rate in medical assistant careers by 2024.


Do I need previous experience or a degree prior to enrolling in Madison’s Dental Office Assistant program?

No, you don’t need previous experience or a degree to enroll in Madison School of Healthcare’s Dental Office Assistant training program. This course was created by industry experts with first-hand knowledge of the dental office setting and the responsibilities of the role. These courses will give you the information needed to better prepare for an opportunity in the dental office setting.

What features should I look for in the Madison Dental Office Assistant online program compared to other schools’ programs?

It’s important that the program you choose includes the latest information on dental office fundamentals. Look for a program that has only the lesson content you need to know; a program that’s focused on the dental office assistant skills you need to start your career. Your program should include lessons on general office procedures, dental insurance coding, billing and filing, and finance and accounting.

Is this program all online or do I get books?

The program textbook is shipped to the student. Learning guides are available online.

State Requirements

A career in this field may require you to meet certain licensing, training, and other requirements that can vary by vocation and state. Check with your state, local government, and/or licensing board to find out which requirements may be applicable in your state. Click here for contact information on state licensing/regulatory boards and certain professional licensing information.

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Career Outlook Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2016-17 Edition, Medical Assistants (January 13, 2016).