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Being at Ashworth made me feel a part of something and I really would recommend it for anybody. There is no reason not to go to school, especially with a place like Ashworth, because it’s giving you the opportunity to better yourself and gain a sense of accomplishment.

It was an amazing experience, it really was. My instructors got back to me and my exams were graded in a timely manner. I never had an issue with Ashworth.

Susan Donaldson
Recent Graduate

Ashworth is for working parents and single parents or whoever you are. If you need student support, it's available for you. It's flexible and reasonable in terms of pricing. You can't beat it. Ashworth is top notch - it's the best.

Ria Louis
Recent Graduate

I’m glad I was able to get my degree quicker, and the online classes inspired me to be able to do it at my own pace. The support was excellent. When I had a question about a subject I was having a hard time with, they were there to support me every time.

Debbie Hayden
Recent Graduate

I love Ashworth College because I don't have to take out a student loan, it is affordable and I study at my own time.

Michell Oberly
Recent Graduate

My experience with Ashworth College has been a tremendous opportunity for me. If this type of program had been around, I would have been able to get my degree a long time ago.

Virginia Sobalaje
Recent Graduate

It was a great experience for me. The instructors went over everything that you didn’t know with you - and they were always there when you needed them.

— Shirley Ann Griffin, Recent Graduate

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